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Red Hood

Some sketches for my upcoming Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration thesis. It’s a retelling of Little Red Riding as an illuminated manuscript/activity book. Yep.

red hood 900x597 Red Hood
Red Hood

tattoo Red Hood
wolf tattoo/map of the forest

in love Red Hood
“I’m in love with a girl!” –Woodsman

clothes 900x850 Red Hood
Ideas for the red hood, some woodsman’s plaid, an anti-wolf charm, etc

woodsman Red Hood
Paperdoll of the woodsman. Throughout the book will be paperdolls, paper-constructions, maps and mazes that let you ‘do’ the story as you read it.

Graphic Novel: More

Some more sketches and working drawings. Am working on getting sets of nice drawings for each character, but also dong some quick brushy things to figure out stuff works (esp. the problematic anatomy of two-headed things) and get an idea of movement, etc.

frog sketcha Graphic Novel: More
frog sketches’n'notes

frog priest Graphic Novel: More
frog priest

aerial battle Graphic Novel: More
aerial battle

swan princes Graphic Novel: More
swan princes

fox princess sketches Graphic Novel: More
two-headed fox sketches

leopard saint Graphic Novel: More
leopard saint

Some Thoughts on Comics

Here are some sketches and workups for a story I have been building slowly over the past few months. It started with this drawing of a firefox from last June
firefox Some Thoughts on Comics
and draws on Asian (mostly) mythology, Watership Down by Richard Adams, Miyazaki’s film Princess Mononoke, computer games like Starcraft and DungeonSeige, the Alien trilogy, Chinese landscape paintings and the art of Katsushika Hokusai, battle-epics, and the poem My True Love Has My Heart by the Elizabethan poet Philip Sydney.

 foxlord Some Thoughts on Comics
St. Trueseam

 foxfury Some Thoughts on Comics
St. Trueseam

 manform Some Thoughts on Comics
Human form sporting same ornamentation and tattoos

 fox sketches Some Thoughts on Comics
sketches: swallows, rabbit saint, little fox, insect queen with a diadem of stolen pearls, black swan princes, some crappy cats and a little rabbit

 firefox color Some Thoughts on Comics
fox saint with gems and medals

 aeromouse Some Thoughts on Comics
aeromouse captain

 acheivement chart Some Thoughts on Comics
acheivement chart

The main challenge apart from working on the storyline, which will coalesce in time, is omcing up with a drawing style that I can maintain consistently for a long time. I love the line quality of the foxes above, but have concerns about weight once combined with value (ie. in a crowded scene areas of value would be valuable in order to distinguish levels of the plicture plane, etc. – but will such fine lines hold up against areas of darkness, and might too many fine lines become tangled anyway? (But, see this Hokusai print for potential refutation…)Photo+875 Some Thoughts on Comics
[I know, what a terrible picture - why even bother including it?]
Anyway – did some sketching of frames, which I kind of hated until I worked it up in Photoshop a little:

web bughive blank Some Thoughts on Comics
blank bug hive
web bug hive Some Thoughts on Comics
Bug hive colored
Now it looks ok, but upon re-examining the work of Hokusai and Chinese landscape painters, am reminded that one of my initial inspirations is the supreme clarity of line evinced by Hokusai, usually with no shading at all – must play to strengths and follow drinking gourd! No doubt recent aquisition of new drawings tools will help. :)

Image Bank
kitsune Some Thoughts on Comics

 alienqueen Some Thoughts on Comics
Alien Queen

 watershipdown Some Thoughts on Comics
Watership Down

 mononoke Some Thoughts on Comics
Okkotonushi from Mononoke Hime

 strcrft Some Thoughts on Comics

 inventory Some Thoughts on Comics
Dungeon Siege inventory panel

Photo+873 Some Thoughts on Comics
Clear Spring by Hong Ren

 waterfall Some Thoughts on Comics

From The Past

einstein003 From The Past

I drew this on the plane to Thailand back in December (Dulles-L.A. leg ;) )Inspired by Einstein On The Beach, by Philip Glass.

Some Random Stuff + Vault

Beverly, MA, present day:
web snared Some Random Stuff + Vault
Sketch for Snared In Its Glory, last projected major work in the White Rabbits series. I had been working on an (unintentionally) similar image for the tondo from Silver Worlds a few month ago, but eventually abandoned it because it hadn’t been planned superwell, but the other night Susie and I were looking at the underdrawing for From Battles! and she asked if it was going to get tangled in its horns, which of course is the obvious logical conclusion if you look at these images from a purely biological/practical point. Plus I love the stimmüng of this; goes back to Thorn in the flesh/at the height of his powers. (no image available :( )

actaeon012 Some Random Stuff + Vault
This is a thing I’ve been side-burnering; using a transfer technique that Steve told me about (Kellogg might use it too -but her ways are a mystery…). (Steve, you need a blog so I can link to you at opportune moments!) As you can see, I’ve transferred the Day At The Races drawing from a few posts ago onto this panel; starting to build up an interesting collage effect. Not sure what I’ll use this for in the future but it has all kinds of imaginable applications in the fields of Exactitude and Perfection.

Sometime In The Past
vault murakami Some Random Stuff + Vault
Hmm, this is an interesting one. Digging through The Vault, I found this from last October. It’s after Murakami after Francis Bacon. Not finished – can’t find the .psd I was working from – but interesting. I like it.
NYC isabelle Some Random Stuff + Vault
isabelle Some Random Stuff + Vault
Bacon’s (BBC News)^

vault heartblossom Some Random Stuff + Vault
on Arches Cover Buff

vault sketches Some Random Stuff + Vault
on Arches Cover Buff. Sometime in August 06.

vault angel Some Random Stuff + Vault
monotype from printmaking I.

vault telamon Some Random Stuff + Vault
artist’s proof from the telamon plate that I used in The Sheep and The Goats.

Some Sketches and Ideas

A recent 7 hour Photoshop training seminar turned out to be a ripe time for all sorts of ideation:
Got some great new ideas for Brood Nurse, a piece I’ve been thinking about for a long time but have not been able to finalize in my head, and came up with a concept for utilizing some nice Japanese-style clouds and my new gold and silver powders.

triptych Some Sketches and Ideas
Some sketches for the rabbit triptych – three pieces which connect but will be separate entities, from a commercial standpoint (as seen in the purple section.)

break at dawn Some Sketches and Ideas
above: Break At Dawn
below it: Brood Nurse

berries Some Sketches and Ideas
Sketch for Berries (very much a working title :P), a small piece to help fill in the low price points. A nice chance to get some delicate foliage going on that would be prohibitively time-consuming in a larger format.

Today I sent out a call for an apprentice/studio assistant this summer. I can’t really offer any money, so I tried to play up what I honestly beleive would be a valuable learning experience.

The current list for the show looks like it will be about 23 pieces, now that I have abetter idea of how long it is taking to do pieces in the Silver Worlds series, and also know how big the potential venue is. (My initial goals for the amount I would produce this year would be feasible, I think , if I didn’t have another full time job, but in any case, so many would not fint into the space I’ll probably be in.)

Persian Megature

zodiac013 Persian Megature
Working sketch for Persian Megature.

Photos of the drawing for those with good eyesight:
web megature Persian Megature

web serpent2 Persian Megature

web ox Persian Megature

web cockerel Persian Megature
Thousand-Year Rooster

Really, really excited about the snakes and birds, and can’t wait to see what they look like when they’re done!!

Building Myself A Future In Photoshop

web actionrabbit Building Myself A Future In Photoshop

So here’s a Photoshopped mockup of Action Rabbit as it might look when complete, with a stylish gallery-goer pasted in for scale.

The Matrix II

Here’s a scan of my plan and overall organizatinal scheme for the show (drawn over a botched
attempt at Hints/Accusations. (Sorry, I wanted to make it bigger, but apparently if it’s too big, Blogger makes it a thumbnail only?)

web rubric The Matrix II

From The Vault

Earliest extant rendering of the rubric, circa 10th grade (2000).
web rubric prime The Matrix II


Ok, I hope everyone had a restful easter because I’m Back with a big B!! I haven’t done a real, straight-from-the-studio entry for a while, so there’s kind of a lot to cover.

1. Heavenly Creatures, which I submitted to Montserrat’s Artrageous! fundraiser, was selected by the jury to be part of the live auction (other pieces will be silently auctioned throughout the show).
The jurors for this year are Michele Lamuniere, Charles C. Cunningham Sr. Assistant Curator of Photography at the Fogg Museum down at Harvard, and Dina Dietch, Curatorial Fellow of the deCordova Museum in Lincoln. 180 pieces were reviewed and 25 were selected for the live auction.

2. Art scans!
web scylla sketch BACK
Sketch for Scylla and Charybdis, from the series Luminous Seascapes Real and Imaginary (based on this painting). Text is from the Odyssey:
Circe(to Odysseus after he asks if Scylla can be fought):
Must you have battle in your heart forever?
That nightmare cannot die, being eternal evil itself,
Horror +
Pain +
There is no fighting her, no power can fight her,
All that avails is flight!

When we were little my father read us this book called Ulysses Found, about a guy who had traced Odysseus’ voyage in the Odyssey and thought that, just as Schleimann had discovered a historical Troy, most of the Odyssey was in fact grounded in fact (you know, geographically speaking :P ). There was a really cool chapter on the strait of Scylla and Charybdis and I guess that always stuck out to me.

web scylla BACK
Scylla and Charybdis, in progress, diptych with each panel 5″ square, to be embossed, gilded and painted. I’m going to emboss the rocks all the way down (as if they were sticking into the air like mountains) and then paint the waves over the top so that that you get a tactile/visual sense of the rocky structures under the breaking surf.

web small rabbit BACK
A small White Rabbit piece to be embossed, gilded and painted. 6×8″ This one is on hardboard not clayboard (a dark brown base vs. a more expensive white base), so I experimented a little and gave this one a fairly intensive ground treatment involving a lot of coats of translucent yellow, sanding, then some thin washes of red and more sanding for a lustrous reddish-orange that will be 99% covered by gold in the final product. I like the pieces to have a slavish, lavish, devotional, meditative element to them, even if the viewer won’t be consciously conscious of that in the final product.

web sister fox BACK
sister fox in demure ascendance, from Coronation series. Mostly done, seal and crown need to be embossed and gilded. Ditto for this one, salamander princess (beneficent. very calm.)
web salamander BACK

I’m not such a big fan of sister fox who is looking a little clumsy and unaccessorized, so I might scrap that one and redo it.
That’s not even all of them! But the other ones are too big for my little scanner, so I’ll have to put them from the scanner at work tomorrow.