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Some Portraits

Two portraits from a few months ago that I just found in my [new, amazing, beautiful] flat file. The first is a portrait of the Patriot’s football player Julian Edelman, and then the next one is of actor Aexander Skarsgard.

edelman Some Portraits

skarsgard Some Portraits

The Edelman one is based on his mugshot after he was arrested last October on assault charges (which were later dropped). In the photo he is looking down a little and his cheeks are flushed and you can tell he’s been crying. I thought it was a really great psychological moment, and it inspired the color scheme of the portrait.

Only Girl II

rihanna final2 398x400 Only Girl II
Another version of Rihanna.


Experimental page from my large sketchbook. French soldier, inset painting sketch, Baldessari dot, underwear.  sktchbk1 440x438 Grisaille