Some Portraits

Two portraits from a few months ago that I just found in my [new, amazing, beautiful] flat file. The first is a portrait of the Patriot’s football player Julian Edelman, and then the next one is of actor Aexander Skarsgard.

edelman Some Portraits

skarsgard Some Portraits

The Edelman one is based on his mugshot after he was arrested last October on assault charges (which were later dropped). In the photo he is looking down a little and his cheeks are flushed and you can tell he’s been crying. I thought it was a really great psychological moment, and it inspired the color scheme of the portrait.


Here’s the lumberjack piece I’m working on for the show, and then a redraw I did from memory today, that I almost like better, with some digital color thrown in. That’s the kind of line I’m really striving for, and that kind of slightly warped, idiosyncratic anatomy. Good little goal there.

lumberjack working Lumberjacks

lumberjack redraw Lumberjacks
In the redraw I really like how the left hand flap is so raised, like a rabbit ear, and his own ear is peeking out like he’s listening.

Tree of Life

magnolia Tree of Life
Snippet of a tattoo I’m working on right now.


Here’s a bit of progress on the show. I really liked the original drawing that I based the zombie piece on, enough that I wanted to revisit it without its skin hanging off. I redrew it, a little less stylized (maybe), and then somehow came up with this idea. ocean sketch Naga
The design of the eye and the eyebrow reminded me of the way faces are painted in traditional Thai art, so I went with that impulse and put in waves in the traditional Thai manner as well, and then a naga coming out of the waves and wrapping around his neck.

When I was little and lived in a village in Northern Thailand, my sister and I used to watch this Thai soap opera called Uthai Tivi, about a naga princess who was exiled from her home under the ocean. She and all her friends could each turn into a different type of animal and they used to have melodramatic adventures. So maybe that came though in this somewhere, I just remembered it when I started writing this post.ocean working small Naga

P.S., Fashion Note: I need to get these shoes real bad.

Two Shows

I’m going to be in two shows in the next month or so… first the ZombieBomb anthology show at Porter Mill Studios in Beverly (starting this Thursday!) and then a little show of my very own at the Atomic Cafe, just down the road from me, also in Beverly, sometime in the first or maybe the second week of May (final date pending!).

zombie final web Two Shows
Here’s my zombie piece…zombies are not really my thing so it took me a bit to think of what to do, but finally I decided to take a very anatomical approach to the decay of the body, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

My own show show is going to be all illustrated portraits, here’s a little photo teaser: “This Chakra/That Chakra.”chakras working Two Shows I got some Holbein Opera Pink watercolor, as close to flourescent pink as you can get without actually being flourescent and I’ve been loving it.

Winter Wolves

wolf tile final Winter Wolves
Here’s a textile I designed for a quilt I’m working on (for a mystery person!). I’m getting it printed through – I already got a sample and it looks amazing!


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Got a new scanner which is gonna make things way more awesome around here!


Some drawings I did of Rashida Jones, Alexander Skarsgård (as Eric Northman) and Darren Criss from Glee.

skarsgard web Portraits

darren web Portraits

I’m trying to be observational but to let the proportions develop on their own while still looking like the person.

Also here’s a little musical composition that goes along with the piece I’m working on now. It’s homemade. Justin Timberlake


fashion2 Redraw
Drawing of a drawing from the other day. Sometimes I like to do it over and over again until it’s perfect. The first one had a lot of nice things but I didn’t like the exaggeration of the feet and some of the lines needed to be more lyrical. I’ll probably do this one one more time when I have a lightbox available.
fashion3 Redraw


Getting back into working in my sketchbook after la grande orage of thesis. Some men from fashion magazines. The noses came out a little Gallic, I think.
frenchboy1 Sketchbook!

frenchboy2 Sketchbook!

fashion1 Sketchbook!

I am trying to go back to Hokusai and really focus on the line quality. And hopefully to blog every day.
Or every other day. >_>