Here’s a bit of progress on the show. I really liked the original drawing that I based the zombie piece on, enough that I wanted to revisit it without its skin hanging off. I redrew it, a little less stylized (maybe), and then somehow came up with this idea. ocean sketch Naga
The design of the eye and the eyebrow reminded me of the way faces are painted in traditional Thai art, so I went with that impulse and put in waves in the traditional Thai manner as well, and then a naga coming out of the waves and wrapping around his neck.

When I was little and lived in a village in Northern Thailand, my sister and I used to watch this Thai soap opera called Uthai Tivi, about a naga princess who was exiled from her home under the ocean. She and all her friends could each turn into a different type of animal and they used to have melodramatic adventures. So maybe that came though in this somewhere, I just remembered it when I started writing this post.ocean working small Naga

P.S., Fashion Note: I need to get these shoes real bad.

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