SCAD Student Spotlight

I’m honored to have chosen for the SCAD-Atlanta Illustration department’s Student Spotlight this quarter. There is a large display of my recent work outside the department, and a little self-interview on the departmental blog. Thanks professors! :)

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In other news: My new mailer is done; here are some images from it.
brief life SCAD Student Spotlight
Handwritten, in-depth biography, page 2
hanna standups 900x421 SCAD Student Spotlight
Four little cutout figures
hanna standup back SCAD Student Spotlight
Pattern stamping on back

2 Responses to SCAD Student Spotlight

  1. these. are. awesome.
    where can I get one of these mailers??

  2. and you haven’t even seen the whole thing ;) ;)
    send me your address.

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