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Some Portraits

Two portraits from a few months ago that I just found in my [new, amazing, beautiful] flat file. The first is a portrait of the Patriot’s football player Julian Edelman, and then the next one is of actor Aexander Skarsgard.

edelman Some Portraits

skarsgard Some Portraits

The Edelman one is based on his mugshot after he was arrested last October on assault charges (which were later dropped). In the photo he is looking down a little and his cheeks are flushed and you can tell he’s been crying. I thought it was a really great psychological moment, and it inspired the color scheme of the portrait.

Tree of Life

magnolia Tree of Life
Snippet of a tattoo I’m working on right now.


Here’s a bit of progress on the show. I really liked the original drawing that I based the zombie piece on, enough that I wanted to revisit it without its skin hanging off. I redrew it, a little less stylized (maybe), and then somehow came up with this idea. ocean sketch Naga
The design of the eye and the eyebrow reminded me of the way faces are painted in traditional Thai art, so I went with that impulse and put in waves in the traditional Thai manner as well, and then a naga coming out of the waves and wrapping around his neck.

When I was little and lived in a village in Northern Thailand, my sister and I used to watch this Thai soap opera called Uthai Tivi, about a naga princess who was exiled from her home under the ocean. She and all her friends could each turn into a different type of animal and they used to have melodramatic adventures. So maybe that came though in this somewhere, I just remembered it when I started writing this post.ocean working small Naga

P.S., Fashion Note: I need to get these shoes real bad.

Metamorphoses III

My artist’s book Metamorphoses just won 2nd place in SCAD’s 4th Annual Student Book Competition! This means that the book will be purchased by the school for its permanent collection. Here’s a little slideshow of some of the other finalists, including mine, on the SCAD-Atlanta library blog. The show was juried by incredible book artist Brian Dettmer, who said that Metamorphoses was ‘structurally perfect” ! He gave a talk after the awards ceremony and brought along several of his books, which were really cool to look at and touch (!).

Out of the 14 or so books produced in my section of the bookmaking class with professor Julie Mueller-Brown, 6 of them were selected for the final 25-book show, so congratulations to Julie and all the other ppl from the class!

Having a good day :) Thank you to all the poets who contributed to the texts in the book; your words inspired me as I created the images.

Only Girl II

rihanna final2 398x400 Only Girl II
Another version of Rihanna.

Metamorphoses II

21arachne 400x272 Metamorphoses II
Arachne turning into a spider

22alcyone 400x272 Metamorphoses II
Alcyone being transformed into a kingfisher

23hyacinthus 400x272 Metamorphoses II
Apllo holding Hyacinthus as he dies from a head wound and flowers grow from his blood

24actaeon 400x272 Metamorphoses II
Actaeon transforming into a stag and being devoured by his own hounds

25adonis 400x272 Metamorphoses II
Adonis with anemones growing from his blood after being gored by a boar

Lots of happy stories. :P

P.S. These images are all available as museum-quality fine art prints – write to rabbits {at} for inquiries.


First five spreads for my book of Greek+Roman metamorphosis myths (culled from Ovid) for my Book Illustration class.
11cyparissus 400x273 Metamorphoses
12io 400x272 Metamorphoses
13narcissus 400x272 Metamorphoses
14daphne 400x272 Metamorphoses
15aesacus 400x272 Metamorphoses

These are all done in acrylic and watercolor on 190lb hot press Arches Aquarelle, and then taken into the computer for a final spin around the color wheel.


Well it has certainly been a busy quarter. I just got back from NYC where my Sufjan portrait was in the Society of Illustrator’s student exhibition (yay!) and am working on something similar which I thought I would throw up here (word choice?) even though its not done yet. Portrait of Maria Callas as Norma. Or maybe Lucia.

maria callas Portrait

Maybe next quarter I will keep up here better. Remember you can always follow along on Flickr which I tend to update more often since there is no pressure to come up with witty written accompaniments. :-P