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Metamorphoses III

My artist’s book Metamorphoses just won 2nd place in SCAD’s 4th Annual Student Book Competition! This means that the book will be purchased by the school for its permanent collection. Here’s a little slideshow of some of the other finalists, including mine, on the SCAD-Atlanta library blog. The show was juried by incredible book artist Brian Dettmer, who said that Metamorphoses was ‘structurally perfect” ! He gave a talk after the awards ceremony and brought along several of his books, which were really cool to look at and touch (!).

Out of the 14 or so books produced in my section of the bookmaking class with professor Julie Mueller-Brown, 6 of them were selected for the final 25-book show, so congratulations to Julie and all the other ppl from the class!

Having a good day :) Thank you to all the poets who contributed to the texts in the book; your words inspired me as I created the images.

Red Hood IV

It’s finally done! here are some sketches, pages and spreads. The final book is 42 pages long, set up with the story and illustrations on one side of each page and on the other a pattern that relates to the action, so that if the models are cut out and assembled the pattern covers the back of the pieces. Just so everything looks nice and taken care of :).
page6 900x584 Red Hood IV
Page 12 with model assembled
Photo 367 Red Hood IV
(quick shot of the back to show how the pattern wraps around)

page11 set 900x375 Red Hood IV
page 22 with sketch and magnification

page11 Red Hood IV
Again, by itself

wolfworld 900x490 Red Hood IV
wolfworld/tattoo sketch and final realization

page22 Red Hood IV
Incorporated into the final page

page4spread 900x570 Red Hood IV
spread, pgs 7+8

Red Hood III

birds Red Hood III
Working on a pattern/page decoration

wolfsbane tile 900x418 Red Hood III
A set of tiles for another pattern

page6 model print 900x695 Red Hood III
A model of a small woodland glade, in its flat state

Red Hood II

Every single element in the book is drawn or painted by hand and then brought into the computer for additional digital color.
decorations2 Red Hood II
Little incidental text decorations.

pg6 frame Red Hood II
Part of a frame and a little gate…

txt3 Red Hood II
A portion of handwritten type before formatting…

path text Red Hood II
Text arranged into a path in Photoshop.

grant text Red Hood II
Another block of set type, with ornaments.

Red Hood

Some sketches for my upcoming Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration thesis. It’s a retelling of Little Red Riding as an illuminated manuscript/activity book. Yep.

red hood 900x597 Red Hood
Red Hood

tattoo Red Hood
wolf tattoo/map of the forest

in love Red Hood
“I’m in love with a girl!” –Woodsman

clothes 900x850 Red Hood
Ideas for the red hood, some woodsman’s plaid, an anti-wolf charm, etc

woodsman Red Hood
Paperdoll of the woodsman. Throughout the book will be paperdolls, paper-constructions, maps and mazes that let you ‘do’ the story as you read it.

SCAD Student Spotlight

I’m honored to have chosen for the SCAD-Atlanta Illustration department’s Student Spotlight this quarter. There is a large display of my recent work outside the department, and a little self-interview on the departmental blog. Thanks professors! :)

+ + +

In other news: My new mailer is done; here are some images from it.
brief life SCAD Student Spotlight
Handwritten, in-depth biography, page 2
hanna standups 900x421 SCAD Student Spotlight
Four little cutout figures
hanna standup back SCAD Student Spotlight
Pattern stamping on back

A Classic

romeo juliet A Classic

Another book cover with hand-drawn type. Watercolor, pencil and digital.

Richard Brautigan

One of my favorite books is Richard Brautigan’s The Hawkline Monster, so I had a lot of fun doing this. Subtitled “A Gothic Western” the novel takes place mostly in a huge Victorian mansion set alone on a hill in the wilds of 1800s Oregon. Its inhabitants are plagued by a horrifying monster. Etc.hawkline working2 Richard Brautigan

Only Girl II

rihanna final2 398x400 Only Girl II
Another version of Rihanna.

Only Girl In The World

I haven’t posted anything for a while…mostly because I always remember while I’m at school and I have such a great password that I can only log in when I’m at home with my collection of sticky notes… :P But anyway.

I’ve been working on a lot more portraits. I started this one of Rihanna the other day, still v. much in progress but I’m excited about where it’s going. I was at the club last weekend and they put on “Only Girl In The World” and I started thinking about those fantastic strings of pearls she wore that one time, and how those would look in a portrait.
rihanna3 388x400 Only Girl In The World
This is the little sketch I made, with the necklace looped into the words “only girl in the world.” From here I went into my paints and came up with thisrihanna working 204x400 Only Girl In The World
and then brought it into photoshop and starting working on it – just being playful and exploring different options since it was completely self-assigned and no one was checking on me :D . I wanted to bring in a very edgy, leather, dance feel, so I played around with some buckles and studs a la Burberry. Two different options…
rihanna working3 400x340 Only Girl In The World
The left option looked too bruised and bloody, which seemed like a Chris Brown reference, and the grey one on the right looks a little Queen of the Damned to me, so I am going to do some more revisions and see what happens. One thing I definitely want is for her to be looking more directly at the viewer as opposed to off to the side as she is now. The little fairy sparkles around her are shorthand for “insert cool background.”
rihanna2 263x400 Only Girl In The World
Here’s my revised working sketch for how I’m going to change it up on round 2.